FOR SALE: Red E30 S54 freshly built

Here at Brintech Customs, we get a lot of enquiries about engine swaps with one of the main questions being “What would you recommend is the best engine package solution for my E30?”

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Our answer… the S54.


We started our latest S54 swap in January this year and thought it would be a great opportunity to document and film the conversion as much as possible to give our viewers an insight on how it’s done and why it’s such a great option.


Watch the full series here!


We planned to build this as a package to sell, so we made sure that every box was ticked and that it was truly a complete package where we weren’t limited by budget and where performance, handling and drivability were all a priority.

When we started this project we wanted to make sure we had a good base to work with. We came across this clean E30 where the body work and interior looked like it had just been refreshed, and thought it would be the perfect candidate to show our S54 engine package. It also gave us the opportunity to experiment with some new ideas such as the new LSD differential set-up in the rear end.

Features of this package include:

  • E46 M3 S54 engine.

  • New conrod bearings.

  • 420G 6 speed manual gearbox.

  • Single mass lightweight flywheel.

  • BC coil-over suspension.

  • Fully functional A/C system with new condenser and lines.

  • Custom radiator and fan.

  • Factory tuned DME.

  • Brakes upgrade.

  • Upgraded differential with LSD.

  • 4:1 ratio.

  • Custom exhaust system.

  • E46 steering rack and new lines.

  • New upgraded bushes in front and rear suspension.

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With the custom differential set up the main purpose was to provide a solution for a strong differential with LSD as the factory E30 medium case LSDs are getting harder to find and they carry a premium price, so we’ve managed to fit a Nissan Skyline R200 differential in the factory position and we’ve made it in such a way that we can duplicate it here in our custom workshop without the need of a car so we can provide this solution to our customers world-wide. We managed this by also utilizing the factory E30 drive shafts and we did this because there already is a solution for stronger E30 drive shafts so this will be able to fit directly without any modifications. We have also chosen the 4:1 ratio because it suits the M3 6 speed 420g gearbox perfectly.


When addressing the suspension in this package, we didn’t have to look very far as we had some good options available and the car didn’t need major suspension adjustments in order to get them handling well. So, we just decided to upgrade all the bushes in the suspension to get rid of the tired rubber bushes that are now 30 years old. After doing this, we fitted brand new BC coilovers that are height and damper adjustable so it can be tuned to suit whatever task the car is asked to perform. In the brakes department, we have chosen to go with a package that we have already been offering our customers which works well and consists of Wilwood calipers and rotors and a braided line kit throughout. The wheel size we’ve chosen for this package is a 16x8 with a 20 offset with a 225 45 rubber.

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With the A/C system we used to just upgrade what was needed, but then we found that we would run into problems with some of the old components that were left in the vehicle so we now supply a brand new solution which includes all the A/C lines, receiver drier and condenser, new thermofan and we use an A/C compressor from an E90 N54 which bolts right onto the S54 AC compressor bracket. By doing it this way, we eliminate any problems with the efficiency of the AC system and we guarantee you’ll be staying cool in the hot Australian summer.


Having built many of these packages, it has given us the experience to offer something that is reliable, raw in performance and connects you with the car that is difficult for newer cars to do these days. If you’re a BMW purest and you love your classic BMW’s but also want the power of today’s technology, this package can offer just that. And if just over 400bhp is not enough to satisfy your right foot, we also have a power upgrade package that can be added on while still keeping that raw NA power and sound of the S54.


If you’d like to express your interest in doing a build of your own or if you want to come check out our red E30 for sale, hit the button below!