Meet the Brintech Technicians

As a business, it is crucial to have exceptional staff. It has taken a number of years to assemble this team of professional, skilled and dedicated team members.

You can have the confidence that your car is being handled by some of the industry's leaders. 

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Laurence Brincat

-Director & Senior Technician

Laurence’s passion for machinery started at an early age in his home town of Murwillumbah, NSW. Living next door to a mechanical workshop, he found himself in there every afternoon as a teenager.

After finishing school, he decided to start his own business in IT, still finding himself tinkering with his cars during evenings and weekends. So, in 2011 Brintech Customs was established. Starting from a small garage in North Rocks with 1 employee, Brintech Customs moved to Seven Hills in 2013, now has 8 employees and is still growing.  

Laurence’s vision for the business is to continually challenge the norm with exciting new engine conversions that meet everyone’s needs.  

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Josh Cousins

-Workshop manager & senior technician

Josh started at Brintech in 2014, and with his 20 years of experience in the industry, he is definitely a highly skilled, well-rounded technician. He has an eye for technical ability and good quality work.

Josh’s motivation to always push forward and achieve goals has led him to become an industry leader in coordinating builds and automotive work in the custom car industry.

Being a master mechanic, Josh is able to instil and forge the proper techniques for up and coming technicians that work underneath him.

“The part of my job that I am most passionate about is fabrication. When you fabricate something, you can appreciate the skill involved and enjoy seeing the end product.”

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Luis Poblete


Luis has always had a passion for cars and, according to his mother, used to tell everyone that he was going to be a mechanic when he grew up. As a teenager, he would often go cruising with his mates, and fell in love with his mate’s supercharged Toyota Corolla.

After years of saving, he was able to get his first car at age 18, a ’76 Celica. He did the exhaust, and Dellorto Carby side draft. He then sold it to buy his first turbo charged car, a Mitsubishi Cordia.

Luis got an apprenticeship with Peter Warren Ford at the end of year 12 and has been working as a mechanic ever since, starting at Brintech in March 2016.

“The most satisfying part about my job is the custom work. Being able to create something that people can’t just buy off the shelf.” 


Cal Abrahams

-apprentice technician

Cal joined the Brintech team in 2017. His great work ethic and love for custom work made him a perfect fit from the beginning.

Being the youngest of his family with 3 older brothers, we can see why his love for cars started very early on for Cal. Back in his home town in South Africa, his brothers would always be modifying their cars in some way and he would help them do some pretty cool work. From this, he quickly gained the confidence to tackle engine conversions on his own E30, taking his 1.8L M40 out and replacing it with an M52 out of an E36. But he didn’t stop there. He then decided to put an M54 in his E30, and also bought an E36 and put a 3L into that.

Cal manages to tackle and successfully complete projects that not many people have done before.

“What motivates me the most is being told ‘No, it can’t be done.’”