E30 S54 Engine Swap


A fresh E30 for a fresh new year

———Project No. 1 for 2019———

This clean little car we purchased a few months ago at the auctions with plans of an engine swap for the new year.

Check out all our episodes below. Once finished, this car will be available for sale!

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Some features of this package include:

E46 M3 S54 engine.

New conrod bearings.

420G 6 speed manual gearbox.

Single mass lightweight flywheel.

BC coil-over suspension.

Fully functional A/C system with new condenser and lines.

Custom radiator and fan.

Factory tuned DME.

Brakes upgrade.

Upgraded differential with LSD.

4:1 ratio.

Custom exhaust system.

E46 steering rack and new lines.

New upgraded bushes in front and rear suspension.


Episode 1

Brintech are providing a full kit solution for an S54 swap into an E30. Whether you want to tackle the project yourself, have Brintech build your car or buy one of our ready-made kits, this series will show you how the build is done.

Episode 2

In this episode, Luis takes us through the AC condenser and radiator and how to make them suit the BMW E30 S54. For any enquiries, email cars@brintech.com.au

Episode 3

In this episode, we show you guys how we modify the crossmember and dipstick. Remember, this car will be for sale! Email your enquiries to cars@brintech.com.au.

Episode 4

In this video, we show you how we got the engine ready and how it went in. We also take you through fabricating the gearbox crossmember. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 5

In this episode, we start on the rear end. We use a Nissan Skyline LSD and modify it to fit the E30. We will continue working on the rear end in the next episode fitting the E30 tailshaft to the Skyline diff and some other bits and pieces. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 6

In this episode, we put in the custom diff brace. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 7

Here, we show you the brakes and suspension for our E30 S54 swap. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 8

Custom fabricated exhaust for the E30. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 9

In this video, Luis mocks up and fabricates the air filter cover. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 10

Luis makes up the AC lines. www.brintechcustoms.com.au

Episode 11

Luis takes us through the cooling system for the E30 S54 swap.

Episode 12 - Part 1

Part 1 of wiring the E30 S54 and the first start up!

Episode 12 - Part 2

In this video: - how to make sure your AC and stereo will work - fan controller module - oil cooler lines done - air filter in - hoses and engine cover on