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Factory level conversions

Each of our engineers strive to complete projects with the highest level of quality. Our engine conversions have often been described as if the car was born with that configuration from the factory. 

What we do

Our passionate team love to work on all performance related projects. We specialise in BMW E30 engine conversions, BMW E36 and E46 modifications, and LS conversions into pretty much any chassis. Ultimately, our quality workmanship puts a smile on your face.


LSX Conversions

We believe the Chevrolet LS engine offers one of the best HP/$ ratios around. It makes for an excellent conversion into almost any chassis.


BMW Modifications

From turbocharging, to reinforcing sub-frames, suspension, exhaust and more, we can give your BMW reliable and effective modifications. 


Parts and Kits

We carry a range of parts and kits that allow you to modify and upgrade your project without custom fabrication. 


Want to start your project?

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42/20 Tucks Rd, Seven Hills NSW 2147

BMW E30 V8 LS1

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Registered MTA Member

Registered MTA Member