V8 1M Replica


The Goal

To build a 100% factory quality 1 Series, using parts from the E92 M3. The rumor of BMW having this configuration in the pipeline is more believable now that we have produced that idea.

Starting out as a 135i and finishing off as a 1M replica with everything M3 V8 installed, had its challenges….. however the results are mind blowing!

The Result

Having a nimble wide body 135i with a wide stance using 11” wheels on 295/30/19 tyres is certainly something else. When you add a V8 engine that sings to 8600rpm and instance gear changes channeled through a dual clutch transmission, you get an ultimate driving machine. Protected with complete stability and traction control, you can drive the car to its full potential, and feel protected by 100% OEM vehicle functionality.


Advantages of this Build

Other than the simple enjoyment of a high revving V8 in something unique and modern “Cool”, to have everything M3 in an engineered road car that is 200kgs lighter would weigh in as the biggest advantage to doing this build.

From a quick and comfortable street cruise to a track warrior session on the odd weekend, this combo delivers exceptional balance and performance along with value.

Want to know more?

We can continue to talk about how great this package is, but images and sounds speak much more than words can. Enjoy our videos and images below.

If you want to own a 1 Series V8, we can make it happen. Just be prepared for loads of enjoyment.