BMW M3 E46 S85 V10 Swap

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Imagine BMW back in 2006 deciding to build a car that says “farewell Mr E46 M3 and welcome Mr. S85 V10”.

What BMW did indeed do was take the E46 M3 and put the New S65 E92 V8 engine into it. They called this the M3 GTR and lead the most number of race wins for over 10 years with this combo of car on the track.

This is what we aspire to when we say “some special secret release”, and believe the E46 M3 with the S85 V10 engine is a perfect example of a car that should have been built by BMW.

Below we pay tribute to the idea and build one.......

Project Overview

2001 E46 M3 V10 Swap

Original format from the factory was an S54B32 engine with an SMG 2 transmission package. The chassis is a Phoenix Yellow Coupe. This colour was the most striking and complimented the beefed up body panels and flared arches seen on the E46 M3. The shape is a stand out MUST if we are to have a V10 in there. Sitting on OEM CSL Wheels, these will give the car the exact look we want. It was Dyno run and achieved its factory power delivery of about 190rwkw. Onto the hoist it went and it was time to start dismantling the drive train.

A quick walk around below showing the initial engine installation preparations. Clearances and fitment here are tight, but achieved while retaining a stock M3 steering rack location.


First ever dyno run of our S85 V10 build. M mode ON giving us over 310rwkw on a stock M3 exhaust.

The final product.

Cooling a V10 engine in a small engine bay requires some serious heat ventilation. This bonnet vent retrofit will certainly help solve the issue.

Luis shows us how it's done.


After many requests, we have finally put together a completely raw video of our favourite E46 M3 V10. Put your headphones on and enjoy! Thanks to Hayden @ShiftMotoring


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