Drivetrain & Exhaust Mods


SMG to Manual Swaps - E46 M3 Subframe Repairs - LSD Diff Upgrades

We specialise in modifications that add power and reliability to the E46 M3. While many of our projects are one-of-a-kind, we also provide some more common modifications. The Brintech difference is quality engineering, and masterful fabrication. 

A manual swap and rear end upgarde, along with suspension modifications not only adds excitement and performance to the car, but also gives the driver a good relationship with the car and the feeling of the road - you are in control


E46 M3 Manual Swap

We offer a complete SMG to Manual conversion swap which includes an OEM factory finish from Shift Knob to DME coding. We offer the conversion for $6,500.00 AUD which includes the following:

  • SMG to 6MT modification, seal replacement and service.

  • Brand New clutch kit.

  • Genuine OEM Shift Knob & boot, shifter components & hydraulic hardware.

  • Removal of SMG hardware.

  • Manual Tune flashed to DME Cluster (IKE) coded to manual to remove SMG gear indicator.

  • Cruise control coded in to work without any additional wiring.


E46 M3 Subframe and Chassis Repairs

The rear sub-frame on the BMW E46 quickly became known as its Achilles heel as it started to crack and break well in advance of other chassis components. This is an even greater issue with the M3, sporting a high power and high torque engine. We offer 2 solutions:


Stage 1 - $2,750.00

Any existing cracks are welded up and smoothed over. Plates are made and installed to prevent cracking to re-occur in those areas. The subframe itself is re-bushed with larger and more solid bushes which reduces subframe flex significantly.

Stage 2 - $4,750.00

All of the stage 1 measures are done, along with the following additions: Tubes are welded in place from the under side of the new plates through to the inside of the boot. These tubes are tied together with a cross bar and then welded with more tube to the strut towers.


Exhaust modifications


We fabricate exhaust systems in a range of materials for any vehicle. From complex systems to straight flowing pipes, we can give your car the sound and performance you are wanting.

  • Stainless steel exhaust

  • Custom exhaust systems

  • Volume controllable systems

  • Turbocharger exhaust fabrication

  • Exhaust Manifolds for NA and Turbo