1 Series S65 V8 Engine Swap



An S65 V8 into a 1 Series Hatch.

We are excited to share with our followers and new onlookers this exciting little 1 Series V8 Build. Please enjoy the build below to demonstrate some of our newest engine swap services.


The Goal

To build a 1 Series Hatch to have a factory finish fully optioned Competition Pack M3 all crammed into this 130i. We have listed for you the ingredients going into the build, and are in the middle of assembly over the next 1-2 weeks. Details here will be updated as we progress.

Build List and Spec

  • 130i Hatch

  • S65 engine with 6 Speed Manual Transmission

  • Complete E92 M3 rear end including brakes

  • Complete E92 M3 front end including brakes

  • M3 Steering Rack and Suspension

  • M3 DSC and Brake Booster / Master

  • A Bucket load of wiring and coding