E30 Engine Swaps


Brintech has developed a full range of engine swaps using later model 6 cylinder BMW engines. Many will argue that the song of a finely tuned straight 6 BMW engine is one of the sweetest sounds you’ll ever hear. Our M54 and S54 engine packages have given the E30 what it needs to become the ultimate driving machine.

Our E30 builds are ever evolving with careful engineering and finesse to bring our customers the perfect E30. Below we will illustrate and offer what our packages can include and how they may contribute to getting your E30 where you want it.

M54 Engine Swap Options

Starting at a price point of $25,000 we include the following components in our engine swaps along with a number of optional upgrades:

  • Exhaust headers (more than 1 option)

  • Complete new exhaust system in mild steel or stainless

  • Steering rack upgrade

  • custom tail shaft

  • cooling system upgrade with new fans and controllers

  • AC system overhaul with all new parts and custom line kit

  • Complete wiring solution and electronic throttle pedal conversion

  • Fuel pump upgrade with new filter setup

  • Brake booster and sump conversion

  • Shifter and clutch kit upgrade

  • Optional suspension and sway bar kit upgrade

  • Big brake package upgrade

  • LSD and custom rear end upgrades

  • 5 Stud swap and custom control arm kits

  • Engineering services and Dyno tuning

What M54 engine options can we supply?


No E30 feels better than one with a built engine. All of our M54 engine swaps now consist of a minimum standard of a rebuilt engine. This includes new bearings, piston rings, machine work, a cylinder head reco and full assembly with new gaskets, bolts and timing chain hardware. The engines start at a price of $6800.00

For the enthusiast who is looking for that extra power, we offer a camshaft package by Schrick Cams, cylinder head port work, and ARP head stud kit. This additional option will start from $3100.00

Laurence takes us through Brintech's latest engine conversion - an M54 swapped E30. A beast on the road, this thing has all of the power and minimal weight, turning heads where ever it goes.

S54 Engine Swaps

  • S54B32 Dual VANOS M3 Engine

  • 6 Speed manual transmission Getrag 420G

  • Custom exhaust system with M3 headers

  • Custom tail shaft

  • Brand new clutch kit along with master and slave cylinder

  • Complete wiring solution with full dash functionality

  • New radiator and cooling system

  • Functional air conditioning


Some Popular add-ons

Brintech offer all sorts of upgrade combinations for all of our E30 engine swaps. Some of these are:

  • Turbo kits and combinations

  • Full engine rebuild to OEM

  • Custom forged engine build

  • Cam shaft upgrades

  • Stainless exhaust system upgrade

  • ITB kits and aftermarket ECU