1 Series S65 Swap... Check!

A few weeks ago we decided it’s time to build a 1 series S65 M3 package. So we pulled out one of our donor cars and offered a conversion to a customer free of charge (only parts to be paid for).


After selecting a lucky winner through an online promotion, we got the E87 130i hatch down to the workshop and started tearing it apart. The winner was as excited as we were about being able to build a much desired combination of a 1 series in the E92 M3.

Having never seen one done in Australia and being told it is difficult to do, 3 weeks later we now have a completed & driving product that many have wanted to see.

The team at Brintech Customs from our mechanical and fabrication guys through to software, coding and wiring, have managed to achieve a complete factory finish 1 series M3 V8 hybrid as if it were released from BMW itself.


With factory ECUs we have functional cruise control, traction control, stability control, MDM mode and M3 cluster fully functional & have completely error code free modules throughout the entire car.

Standing on a complete M3 rear end including diff, hubs, brakes and suspension and the same for the front with a fully functional servotronic M3 steering rack, the car handles and behaves better than your normal M3. Powered by a 2012 competition pack S65 engine and 6 speed manual transmission, this little beast accelerates brilliantly being over 200 kgs lighter than an M3.

We are currently painting and getting ready to install a 1M style front bar along with retrofitting complete comfort access, individual audio, and professional CIC navigation system. 

Yep... We're pretty proud of what we've achieved in our workshop. And if you're wondering how you can get some of this for yourself, all you have to do is ask!