BMW Servicing  & Diagnostics


Engine Oil Service

BMW servicing intervals prove to be too far apart with common engine failures at early KMs. The only way to ensure your BMWs engine is kept healthy is to perform more regular service intervals. We recommend every 5,000kms to 10,000kms depending on your exact model. You should also limit the time between engine oil services to a maximum of 3 months. In this time, even though your KMs traveled may be low, every time an engine is started and stopped, fuel and water condensation contaminates the oil and breaks it down causing accelerated engine wear.

Our services start from $330 which includes the following:

  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Fluids level check and top ups
  • Vehicles inspection on a hoist and report supplied
  • Service lights reset in On-board computer
  • Log book stamping

Brakes and Tyres

BMW brake servicing is made cheap and easy in our facility. We carry stock to replace disc brake rotors and pads along with pad wear sensors. Common signs of an overdue brake service can include vibration on the steering wheel, squealing brakes, poor stop power. 

Brakes causing vibration can also cause uneven tyre wear which will amplify feedback through the steering wheel and ultimately degrade tyres much faster.

Our brakes servicing procedure includes the following:

  • New disc rotors and patching pads
  • Brake wear sensors supplied and installed
  • Brake service reset procedure
  • Bedding in process

Scanning & Diagnostics

We carry all the latest scan tools and diagnostic software for your BMW. From fault code reading and clearing to software version updates and upgrades, we can perform all electronic procedures to keep your BMW running as best it can electronically.

Our retro fit department also offers CIC upgrades and installation, along with Comfort Access installations.

ECU / DME Coding

When undertaking any BMW engine swap, it is common to require your DME to be coded to work stand alone for correct functionality. 

Some of the common coding services we offer are:

  • E46 M3 MSS54 DME coding for E30 swaps
  • MS43 M54 DME EWS Delete for Stand alone
  • Tuning files for MS43 - MSS54 - MS41 and MSD80