Land Rover Defender 110 - LS3 Swap


This Defender 110 is our latest project and is having its TD25 engine swapped for an LS3, 6 speed manual TR6060 using a Land Rover transfer case and custom engine mount brackets.

Our goal here is to gain the power it deserves whilst maintaining comfort and usability.

We’ll achieve this by performing this engineered, factory-like conversion giving the 110 a 6.2L v8 heart and a strong 6 speed manual gearbox with a functional dash, A/C and electronics.

The first week has involved removing the old drive train, readapting the transfer case to the new drive train and dummy fitting it back into the chassis ready to incorporate the new engine mount brackets and fixing points. Shafts will be measured up and balanced for reinstallation.

We’ve got a custom radiator and wiring harness being made specifically for this build, so once that arrives we will be moving into the second stage. Watch this space…